Demonstration home with earth blocks

Henry Wiersma is using his 25+ years of experience in the building industry to pioneer Compressed EarthBlocks technology in Canada.

Compressed Earthblocks are large bricks (varying in size but usually around 4h x 7w x 14l) made of up to 100% ground-sourced clay. The technology is a variation on the ancient building materials of cob and adobe. The technology has gained in popularity in the southern climates of the United States. Henry is adapting the EarthbBlock for use as an innovative, structurally-sound, and ecologically-friendly building material in Canada.

In partnership with the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) and researchers at various Canadian universities, Henry has been researching the making of Compressed EarthBlocks as well as their use as a building material in an EarthBlock demonstration house.Show all