A Celebration Venue

Our garden in August

View from the tent

Our fire circle

                                                   Our party dome  complete with stage

Fifth Wind

Fifth Wind, above all, is a resource. Situated in the Northumberland Hills of Ontario, Fifth Wind is a resource for the local community and - thanks now to FifthWind.ca - a potential resource for many far and wide.
1. A sustainable building resource: With over 25 years experience as a private contractor, Henry Wiersma is now pioneering EarthBlock technology in Canada. EarthBlocks are an innovative, structurally sound, and environmentally-friendly building material.
2. An ecological farming resource: Fifth Wind offers access for the local community to fresh, local, and ecologically-grown produce through our CSA.
3. An energy therapy resource: Joanna Wiersma has expertise in helping individuals through their
emotional, spiritual and physical afflictions using the body's bio-energy systems.
4. A learning resource: Fifth Wind offers a range of learning opportunities, including school visits, group workshops, as well as WWOOFing (Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms) placements.
5. A celebration venue: Fifth Wind hosts weddings and other celebrations with a large tent and kitchen facilities on site.

We hope this site will help you get to know Fifth Wind and what happens here a little bit better.

Farm Views

Standing on the top of our hill and gazing over the fields to the lake is simply irresistible.

Perched on top of a hill, our fire pit, surrounded by 2 ton rocks, is a gathering place on a summer evening...a place to enjoy music, drumming and the occasional corn roast.

Our tipi frame silhouetted in the fall skies.

An evening view of the hills and the fiery sky.

The blue sliver of lake over the gray November hills.

The sunsets at Fifth Wind are often breathtaking...every colour from the artist's palate.