Fifth Wind

Fifth Wind, above all, is a resource. Situated in the Northumberland Hills of Ontario, Fifth Wind is a resource for the local community and - thanks now to - a potential resource for many far and wide.
1. A sustainable building resource: With over 25 years experience as a private contractor, Henry Wiersma is now pioneering EarthBlock technology in Canada. EarthBlocks are an innovative, structurally sound, and environmentally-friendly building material.
2. An ecological farming resource: Fifth Wind offers access for the local community to fresh, local, and ecologically-grown produce through our CSA.
3. An energy therapy resource: Joanna Wiersma has expertise in helping individuals through their
emotional, spiritual and physical afflictions using the body's bio-energy systems.
4. A learning resource: Fifth Wind offers a range of learning opportunities, including school visits, group workshops, as well as WWOOFing (Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms) placements.
5. A celebration venue: Fifth Wind hosts weddings and other celebrations with a large tent and kitchen facilities on site.

We hope this site will help you get to know Fifth Wind and what happens here a little bit better.